Shepherd Crook

Animals have long had the advantages: four legs, hooves for traction, peripheral vision, speed and a keen sense when “something’s up”. This makes catching sheep and goats very difficult. On top of that we’re not getting younger. The result is a recipe for failure. The only sure “catch” system is handling equipment.

But we realize it’s not always practical to run a flock through a system to catch one animal. The solution? Crooks. (For sheep, not crime.) We’ve used, studied and sold various shepherd crooks from all over the world.

Once you figure out how useful they are, it’s hard to herd sheep and goats without a crook in your hand. But if you have just one, it’s not always where you need it. So we have several—in the barn, on the ATV and by our handling yards.

Crooks don’t last. It’s the nature of their usage that, over time, they bend or break. That’s the bad news. The good news is that they are much cheaper from Premier than they were 5 years ago (except for the wooden ones), so they’re less painful to replace.