5ml/10ml Continuous syringe injector infusion device pig/


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Product name: 5ml/10ml Continuous syringe injector infusion device pig/cattle/sheep/chicken vaccine injection Veterinary spray gun

How to choose the syringe that suits your animal?

Dear, you can quickly select the syringe according to the dose you injected:

-1. A single injection of 0.2-5 ml, select 5ml syringe.

-2. A single injection of 0.4-10ml, select 10ml syringe.

The closer the injection dose is to the maximum scale dose, the more precise the injection.

Features of product

-1.Two methods of administration and injection;

-2. The production of polymer materials has the best anti-slip effect and good hand feeling.

-3. The dosage is accurate, 5ml/10ml two specifications can be selected.

-4. The structure is precise and the liquid absorption performance is the best.

-5. Reasonable design, novel style, beautiful color, easy to use and light.

-6. The scale is clear and the dose is accurate.

Directions for use
-1. Fill the sink or tub with soapy water (warm water).

-2. Turn the knob to separate the syringe tube from the handle and soak both in soapy water.

-3. Soak for 5-6 minutes.

-4. Remove the syringe tube and handle, reassemble them and restore them to their original state.

-5. The syringe inlet is immersed in water, and the water is pumped several times.

-6. Empty the sink or tub of soapy water, wash it off, and refill it with clean water.

-7. Immerse the inlet of the syringe in clean water, repeatedly flush the residue with water until it is clean, and then cool dry for reuse.

-8. After use for a period of time, if the piston is stiff, turn the knob, remove the injection tube, and smear the piston ring with olive oil or edible oil for lubrication.After the use of live vaccine, syringes should be disinfected, and non-irritating and non-corrosive chemical disinfectant can be used before cleaning to soak and disinfect, and then clean.

Kindly Note

-1.Buy 1 piece syringe, give dear a box of needles (include 12pcs) as gifts for free.

-2.The needle model is a random gift. If there is a model requirement, please remark the needle model when you place the order or leave a message to Customer service.